A light year in a night: Polyball 2016



A light year in a night! This was the theme of this year biggest decorated Ball of Europe, to which we had the pleasure to participate last weekend.

For the occasion, we went to Zurich, wherein the main building of the Zurich’s institute of technology (ETH) the Ball took place.

It has been such a memorable experience to dance in the same place where the people have been studying for over 150 years and brilliant minds like Einstein, Ernst, Pauli and Ruzicka (all of which have won a Nobel price) have stepped their feet.

The Ball itself has a history of over 130 years, and it shows perfectly all of the experience by the cure of even the smallest detail. You really couldn’t tell that we were in what during the day is a School (and one of the best in the world actually). All the different rooms had concerts and shows throughout the night with close to no breaks. Also, there was a choice of many music genres for everybody’s taste.

An absolute dream come true! We can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be!


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