Happy Birthday my Love!


Today is Ludovica’s birthday!

We really wanted to celebrate and to do that we spent the morning in our apartment, where we had a cozy breakfast in bed.

We then went to have lunch with Ludovica’s mother at “Pianostrada Laboratorio di Cucina”: a small restaurant very busy (you need to reserve a table more than a week in advance in you want to have a place) which serves absolutely delicious dishes! It is a family restaurant but managed only from the females in the family (mother and 3 sisters), and it works perfectly!

After an afternoon of shopping in the streets of Rome, we went for dinner to “Sicilia in bocca”: a huge restaurant with almost too many places to be served by the crew but which serves a number of Sicilian specialties.


Rome has also a Beach!


Yes, you read that correctly! In fact, if you just take the car and drive for 30-40 min (depending on where you start from) you can reach Ostia or Fiumicino: two lovely cities right next to Rome and with beautiful beaches!

We went to Fiumicino to relax and enjoy the sun for a little before a delicious seafood-based meal at Bastianelli: a cozy little restaurant with a vast selection of fresh fish and various seafood (Highly recommended).

If you’re going to spend your vacation in Rome and have a spare day, going to the sea is a must, moreover if you happen to be there in the hot season.

The Colosseum – Rome


We reserved a full day for the Colosseum, or half of it at least. We woke up quite early in order to drive down to the Colosseum, find a parking spot and avoid as much as possible the long line that you can find here every day. We bought the tickets, an audioguide and started out tour inside one of the first stadiums in history. The audioguide is seriously recommended, it gives you a lot of details about the history of the building and the construction as well as the use of it throughout time.

The audioguide is seriously recommended, it gives you a lot of details about the history of the building and the construction as well as the use of it throughout time.

It took us about 2 and half hours to complete the tour, and it’s worth every minute of it: it’s just so interesting to see and admire what the Romans have done in that place!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


After the tour, we walked around the area for a little bit (also the visit of the “Palatino” would have been really interesting but we skipped it) ad then went for lunch.

In the afternoon we decided to relax and spend some quality couple time by going to see “Sing” a really nice and funny cartoon wich just came out in the theaters.

Rome – City center






Photo by Ludovica Mariani


Today we wanted to visit the city center, but as we’re in vacation we tooked it slowy and after a relaxing morning we found a parking spot around the “Castel Sant’Angelo”. From there we walked towards the city center and stopped at Circus for lunch: that’s a lovely small restaurant (different from all the touristy places that serve always the same) wich offers delicious plates at a very convenient price.

After lunch we walked across “Piazza Navona” and then in front of the “Pantheon”: it’s seriously stunning how big and majestic all those old structures are!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani

As we weren’t satisfied yet with what we saw we continued walking all the way to the famous “Fontana di Trevi”, then we moved north to “Piazza di Spagna” and ended up in “Piazza del Popolo” to enjoy a nice aperò there while the sun was going down.


Vatican City – Rome



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


We made it to Rome! And our first stop is the Vatican City (a city in the city!).

Home of the Pope, the Vatican city is set almost in the city center (just across the river from it) and is one of the most famous places to visit when in Rome.
While it would have been surely very interesting to visit the Vatican’s museum to see at least part of the marveling art pieces in it and get a taste of the history of the place, we just walked around the main plaza and took some pictures.

It’s crazy the amount of people that peregrinate to the Vatican City every day!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


After that and a fast lunch at SA.MA.Café (they have some delicious treats also without gluten), we moved a little further east to the Circo Massimo, we left our car there and walked towards the Complesso del Vittoriano (know also as Altare della Patria). On the way we enjoyed a stunning view over the Palatino, Roman Forum and the Colosseum.


Porto Venere – Le Cinque Terre



Finally a new adventure, a new trip together! In occasion of Ludovica’s birthday, we organized a week in Rome, where part of her family comes from.

On the way to Rome, we stopped in Porto Venere, a lovely little town near to La Spezia in Le Cinque Terre (Liguria).




Here we had a decent seafood-based lunch in a small local restaurant (Da Iseo), not living up to our expectation sadly: the food was not fresh prepared but rather warmed up and some of the seafood plates tasted refrigerated.

Lunch apart the city is very beautiful and the colors of the house a bliss for the eye. Moreover, right behind the town, there is an old gothic Church from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the coast and the sea (if the weather is good you might as well see the Alps on the french riviera)!