Vatican City – Rome



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


We made it to Rome! And our first stop is the Vatican City (a city in the city!).

Home of the Pope, the Vatican city is set almost in the city center (just across the river from it) and is one of the most famous places to visit when in Rome.
While it would have been surely very interesting to visit the Vatican’s museum to see at least part of the marveling art pieces in it and get a taste of the history of the place, we just walked around the main plaza and took some pictures.

It’s crazy the amount of people that peregrinate to the Vatican City every day!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


After that and a fast lunch at SA.MA.Café (they have some delicious treats also without gluten), we moved a little further east to the Circo Massimo, we left our car there and walked towards the Complesso del Vittoriano (know also as Altare della Patria). On the way we enjoyed a stunning view over the Palatino, Roman Forum and the Colosseum.



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