Rome – City center






Photo by Ludovica Mariani


Today we wanted to visit the city center, but as we’re in vacation we tooked it slowy and after a relaxing morning we found a parking spot around the “Castel Sant’Angelo”. From there we walked towards the city center and stopped at Circus for lunch: that’s a lovely small restaurant (different from all the touristy places that serve always the same) wich offers delicious plates at a very convenient price.

After lunch we walked across “Piazza Navona” and then in front of the “Pantheon”: it’s seriously stunning how big and majestic all those old structures are!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani

As we weren’t satisfied yet with what we saw we continued walking all the way to the famous “Fontana di Trevi”, then we moved north to “Piazza di Spagna” and ended up in “Piazza del Popolo” to enjoy a nice aperò there while the sun was going down.



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