Road to Hana, Maui


“Road to Hana” is a must in Maui!

It takes a whole day to do the trip, and with just a day you really have to choose what you want to see and what you can skip. The best option would probably be to take at least a few days for this tour, stop in Hana to sleep and go from there to every attraction you might be interested in.

Unfortunately, we only had a day to do this, so we woke up pretty early, jumped in our car and headed north to Pa’ia, where the actual “Road to Hana” starts.


Along the road, there are too many falls, botanical gardens, forests, cliffs, beaches, plantations and more to see. So we decided to stop just for the ones that attracted us most and were free.

Our first stop was on the “Twin Falls”: the forest is nice to walk through (and on a Sunny day you can really appreciate the walk in the shadow), you get to see a lot of beautiful and colorful flowers, you get to cross a river (not as hard as you might think, the road is paved, sort of) and once you reach the fall is a pleasure to dip in the fresh water and get a massage from the falling water.

twin falls

The next stops are: “Waikamoi Nature Trail” (much shorter than expected), “Waikani Falls” and “Honomanu Park”. This last one is a black sand beach that is definitely a great place to stop for a refreshing bath.

From there to Hana we just stop to film a little with the drone, take some pictures along the road and steal a few Bananas and Coconuts hanging from the trees.

Once in Hana, we aim straight for the “Red Sand Beach”, a little hidden from the paths and without too many tourists. The colors are astonishing, the water is a nice crystal clear blue, the sand is redder than you would expect and with the green from the trees it just creates an amazing picture.

Red Sand Beach

From Hana on, the road gets partly unpaved and with no official attraction. But the unpaved road alone is worth the drive and the places you get to cross are breathtaking. Along the unpaved road, we also stop for a fresh coconut at an artist’s barrack; the man itself is very interesting to talk to, the art he creates with the coconuts is undescribable and the fresh Coconuts must be the biggest we ever had.

Our last stop is at the “Ulupalaka Vineyards”, not that we have any particular interest in the Hawaiian wines, but from the other side of the road, we get to see a stunning Sunset before heading back to our hotel.

Sunset Hana

That was a great and long day trip, highly recommended to everyone but seriously think about stopping in Hana for a night or two.


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