A light year in a night: Polyball 2016



A light year in a night! This was the theme of this year biggest decorated Ball of Europe, to which we had the pleasure to participate last weekend.

For the occasion, we went to Zurich, wherein the main building of the Zurich’s institute of technology (ETH) the Ball took place.

It has been such a memorable experience to dance in the same place where the people have been studying for over 150 years and brilliant minds like Einstein, Ernst, Pauli and Ruzicka (all of which have won a Nobel price) have stepped their feet.

The Ball itself has a history of over 130 years, and it shows perfectly all of the experience by the cure of even the smallest detail. You really couldn’t tell that we were in what during the day is a School (and one of the best in the world actually). All the different rooms had concerts and shows throughout the night with close to no breaks. Also, there was a choice of many music genres for everybody’s taste.

An absolute dream come true! We can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be!


New Beginnings!


p42logoSo here we are, back again and with a new website!

After our fabulous trip to Bali we couldn’t spend so much time together  as I moved to Portugal for work while Duvi went back to school in Switzerland, we kept on really well and waited patiently to united again.

We had the possibility to spend a lot of time together in the last week and do some cool exploration in our wonderful country: Switzerland!

In the future we’ll be distant one from each other for some more time as I’ll go in Italy for work again. But we’ll try to keep up with this blog and upload some content when we’ll be back together doing some cool stuff.

So hit that “Follow” button down in the right corner and stay up to date with our adventures.


Duvi & Mau

Eccoci di nuovo, siamo tornati e con un nuovo sito!

Dopo il nostro favoloso viaggio a Bali purtroppo le nostre vite si sono allontante un po’ in quanto io sono partito per il Portogallo per lavoro mentre Duvi ha cominciato scuola qui in Svizzera, abbiamo quindi dovuto tener duro e aspettare pazientemente di essere di nuovo insieme.

Abbiamo avuto la possibilità di spendere tanto tempo insieme la scorsa settimana e esplorare un po’ la i dintorni nella nostra amata nazione: la Svizzera!

In futuro saremo ancora distanti per un po’ di tempo siccome io andrò in Italia sempre per lavoro. Comunque proveremo a aggiornare questo Blog con nuovi contenuti e condividere le nostre esperienze insieme.

Clicca quindi l’icona “Follow”nell’angolo in basso a destra e resta aggiornato sulle nostre avventure.


Duvi & Mau




Hi, and welcome to our website!

In a few days we’ll be leaving for Bali, where we’re going to spend an entire month on the search for new adventures. We’ve been planning this trip for a long time now and the wait is almost over.

While preparing everything for this experience we came up with the idea that it would have been nice to keep track of our trip in some way, and this Blog might be the best and easiest way to achieve that.We’ll try to document as many as possible of our adventures to share with whoever wants to follow us on this journey or maybe just take a few hints for a future holiday.

Whichever the case,

Hope you’ll enjoy!


Duvi & Mau


Ciao, e benvenuti sul nostro sito!

Tra pochi giorni partiremo per Bali, dove passeremo un mese alla ricerca di avventure mozzafiato in un ambiente stupendo. Un viaggio che stiamo programmando da lungo tempo e finalmente stiamo per partire!

Mentre ci stavo preparando per questo vaiggio abbiamo pensato che sarebbe stato carino tenere un diario delle nostre avventure e questo Blog é, probabilmente, il modo migliore e più facile per farlo.

Proveremo a documentare quante più possibili delle nostre avventure per condividerle con chiunque possa trovare piacere nel seguirci a distanza o anche solo chi cerca qualche consiglio per una vacanza futura.

In qualunque caso,

Speriamo vi piaccia!

A presto,

Duvi & Mau