Vatican City – Rome



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


We made it to Rome! And our first stop is the Vatican City (a city in the city!).

Home of the Pope, the Vatican city is set almost in the city center (just across the river from it) and is one of the most famous places to visit when in Rome.
While it would have been surely very interesting to visit the Vatican’s museum to see at least part of the marveling art pieces in it and get a taste of the history of the place, we just walked around the main plaza and took some pictures.

It’s crazy the amount of people that peregrinate to the Vatican City every day!



Photo by Ludovica Mariani


After that and a fast lunch at SA.MA.Café (they have some delicious treats also without gluten), we moved a little further east to the Circo Massimo, we left our car there and walked towards the Complesso del Vittoriano (know also as Altare della Patria). On the way we enjoyed a stunning view over the Palatino, Roman Forum and the Colosseum.



Porto Venere – Le Cinque Terre



Finally a new adventure, a new trip together! In occasion of Ludovica’s birthday, we organized a week in Rome, where part of her family comes from.

On the way to Rome, we stopped in Porto Venere, a lovely little town near to La Spezia in Le Cinque Terre (Liguria).




Here we had a decent seafood-based lunch in a small local restaurant (Da Iseo), not living up to our expectation sadly: the food was not fresh prepared but rather warmed up and some of the seafood plates tasted refrigerated.

Lunch apart the city is very beautiful and the colors of the house a bliss for the eye. Moreover, right behind the town, there is an old gothic Church from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the coast and the sea (if the weather is good you might as well see the Alps on the french riviera)!


Cheers to 2017

Kiss on the slopes.jpg

Happy new year!
2017 has started in the best way possible for us: together!

For the occasion, we went to Davos (Switzerland) where a good friend of Ludovica hosted us in her apartment. Of course, we took advantage of the situation and brought also our snowboards to enjoy a few rides on the slopes.

After the day on the slopes, we returned home, where we changed our clothes and then headed out again for dinner and a little party with our friends in some clubs and bars around the town.


To finish it all perfectly we made the first day of this new year as relaxing ass possible by going to the SPA in town.

A light year in a night: Polyball 2016



A light year in a night! This was the theme of this year biggest decorated Ball of Europe, to which we had the pleasure to participate last weekend.

For the occasion, we went to Zurich, wherein the main building of the Zurich’s institute of technology (ETH) the Ball took place.

It has been such a memorable experience to dance in the same place where the people have been studying for over 150 years and brilliant minds like Einstein, Ernst, Pauli and Ruzicka (all of which have won a Nobel price) have stepped their feet.

The Ball itself has a history of over 130 years, and it shows perfectly all of the experience by the cure of even the smallest detail. You really couldn’t tell that we were in what during the day is a School (and one of the best in the world actually). All the different rooms had concerts and shows throughout the night with close to no breaks. Also, there was a choice of many music genres for everybody’s taste.

An absolute dream come true! We can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be!

Back to RE-LAAX!



The snow has already begun to fall in Switzerland and the Ski resorts are opening one after the other.

Since we started the season in Stubai already a month ago, we couldn’t wait to get our boards on our feet again. So last Sunday we went to Laax, one of our favorites resorts ever and the one where we probably spent most of our ski days in the last years.

Laax is also the first place we went snowboarding together 3 years ago, so it’s a special place for us. When we get there we always have the perfect combination of romance and thrill on one of the best snowpark in Switzerland for sure.

Winter is here, and we couldn’t be more happy about it!

Stubai Premiere – Winter Season Opening!



Finally, the snow is starting to lay on top of the mountains, and we are once again able to do what we most love with it: Snowboarding!

This weekend we went to the Stubaier-Glätcher for the Season Opening event: Stubai Premiere! Here we had the opportunity to celebrate with a lot of other passionates.

Has soon as we heard a few days before that in Stubai there was such an event, with contests, parties, free boards and skis test, challenges and gifts we knew we had to go. We found a lovely family owned pension to sleep the two nights and put everything we needed in the car.




The pension turned out even better than expected: we had a wonderful view from our balcony, a large room with plenty of space and comfortable beds, a humongous breakfast and what matters the most: just a 15 min ride to the ski area.




After a quite long drive up to Neustift im Stubaital we spent the night sleeping in our beautiful room. Then, on Saturday morning, after a big and delicious breakfast, we moved to the ski area, where the real fun began.

As it was our first day of the season on the snow, we’ve got to say that it was quite destructive. Yet, we really enjoyed it and were really happy  to test out next season gear from different brands.

The snow was awesome, incredibly good to be the first of the season, we found conditions that you usually find in January – February. A lot of natural, soft snow!

The best part of the weekend though is that we had to begin our season on a romantic weekend in the Alps, surrounded by the stunning colors that nature shows in autumn. We really couldn’t ask for a better start.



New Beginnings!


p42logoSo here we are, back again and with a new website!

After our fabulous trip to Bali we couldn’t spend so much time together  as I moved to Portugal for work while Duvi went back to school in Switzerland, we kept on really well and waited patiently to united again.

We had the possibility to spend a lot of time together in the last week and do some cool exploration in our wonderful country: Switzerland!

In the future we’ll be distant one from each other for some more time as I’ll go in Italy for work again. But we’ll try to keep up with this blog and upload some content when we’ll be back together doing some cool stuff.

So hit that “Follow” button down in the right corner and stay up to date with our adventures.


Duvi & Mau

Eccoci di nuovo, siamo tornati e con un nuovo sito!

Dopo il nostro favoloso viaggio a Bali purtroppo le nostre vite si sono allontante un po’ in quanto io sono partito per il Portogallo per lavoro mentre Duvi ha cominciato scuola qui in Svizzera, abbiamo quindi dovuto tener duro e aspettare pazientemente di essere di nuovo insieme.

Abbiamo avuto la possibilità di spendere tanto tempo insieme la scorsa settimana e esplorare un po’ la i dintorni nella nostra amata nazione: la Svizzera!

In futuro saremo ancora distanti per un po’ di tempo siccome io andrò in Italia sempre per lavoro. Comunque proveremo a aggiornare questo Blog con nuovi contenuti e condividere le nostre esperienze insieme.

Clicca quindi l’icona “Follow”nell’angolo in basso a destra e resta aggiornato sulle nostre avventure.


Duvi & Mau